5 Tips for making your Wedding day stress free!!

Wedding Day is the day most girls start planning when they are little; what they'll wear, who their prince charming will be, their best friends that will stand by their side, the flowers, and the list goes on.


While planning a wedding can be fun, it can also be stressful!! With so many things to think about you may get to the wedding day and suddenly remember all of the things you forgot..... 


Here are 5 tips to make your wedding day go smoother so it will be the day that you've always dreamed about!!!



Tip 1.


Have a detailed timeline (usually from your photographer) that tells what time everyone is to be ready with the time and place they will need to be. 


Tip 2.


The week of the wedding have all of the details for both the bride & groom that you would like to have photographed together and be sure they are at the bride's getting ready location. A lot of times your photographer will email you a list of everything that you will need. Also, it's great to ask your florist for any extra flowers that will be used for your wedding.  Having these for the detail shots helps keep everything cohesive and will help when putting together your album. 


Tip 3.



Hire a Wedding Coordinator!! This is so important in keeping your day as stress free as possible!! They are trained to know what to do if something goes wrong without stressing the bride or her family. They will also coordinate with all of your vendors to make sure everything will flow seamlessly.


Tip 4.


Have a detailed list with the names of all of your family members/friends including the people you'd like to have photographed together with their names, and email them at least a week before to your photographer & coordinator so they will be able to make picture time go fast and smooth. Also, if there are any special shots that you want it is a good idea to include them on this list. Be sure if there is anything that your photographer needs to know about any situation to include that on this list.


Tip 5.


Make sure all the vendors have the timelne. 



If all of your vendors have the same timeline it will help each of them to know  what time they are expected to have everything ready, and everyone can work  together. It's really important for the florist to know what time the flowers should be ready.


Another great tip, remember to bring an  invitation and make sure your rings are nice and clean so they will sparkle in your photos!!!



Happy Planning!


Much love,